Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Sued By Subscribers Who Say They Were Snookered

Online Personals Watch logo dalsi WASHINGTON TIMES - Feb 8 - says it has millions of "active" subscribers, but "well over half" of the profiles are inactive or fake, contends lawyer Jeffrey Norton who helped file the lawsuit Dec. 30. The lawsuit is based on the plaintiffs' experiences, plus testimony from former employees and researchers who have "pulled tremendous amounts of 'proof' right off the site," Mr. Norton said. But sources familiar with and the online dating industry say the lawsuit is what's unbelievable. is a profitable company, so it's a "natural target" for a lawsuit, said Mark Brooks, who runs the Online Personals Watch blog. Scammers hit every online dating site, so big companies such as have developed ways of identifying and purging the phony entries, said Mr. Brooks. About two-thirds of the work force are customer-service representatives, he said, and while these employees can recognize and remove phony images, "it's a constant battle." Mr. Brooks' advice to online daters is simple: "Buyer beware. Be careful of 'too good to be true.'" FULL ARTICLE @ WASHINGTON TIMES

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