Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Dating

Oct. 30,2008 (Press Release), a free online dating site, introduces free online dating at your fingertips. has accumulated a huge international database of members and is now capable of enabling one to find a date in no time. Online dating has become a trend especially for youngsters and busy professionals. Free dating site users find that the one of the best 4 ways for finding a true love, companionship, or just the occasional flirt is to become a member of a free online dating site like ( brings together over 20+ thousand eligible singles from all over the World. If you are looking for an occasional date or going on vacation in Europe and looking for friends while there, is the place to be. Our database keeps growing every day and we will not stop improving on this site ever.

Profile creation is an integral part of the registration process with almost all leading online dating services, including To get the clicks and start dating in no time, profiles need to be impressive. We have made sure to provide you with the tools and guidelines on how to create a ‘killer’ profile. You can see them here. What makes different from other dating sites is that every profile is approved by the owner of the site before becoming publicly visible. Only profiles with real photos make it online, thus guarantying that the person you are talking to is serious in what they are looking for. To further install trust, we have created Video Greetings. Ever member can create one and say in 30 seconds or less what they are looking for. will provide you with the necessary tools such as safety tips and guidelines when meeting someone online. Sometimes, online dating service may pose dangerous risks, but at we made sure to protect all of our clients. We believe that safety is always better, so make sure you contact us if you have doubts in the identity of anyone you met online on is absolutely free. We will never ask you for money, period. In return we ask you to visit more often. We have created special rewards program for returning customers. If you login today, you are a VIP member tomorrow. If you login tomorrow, you will be a VIP the day after tomorrow and so on forever. VIP membership allows you to send an unlimited number of emails, see who has visited your profile and if they voted for you, send unlimited instant messages, use the video chat and much more. is not only a dating site, but can also be used for social networking. You can make friends and create friendship lists; you can add 3rd party plug-ins, HTML, and tags to make your profile more attractive. You can add music to a playlists or have an online mini Blog for all to follow. We have also added a photo-album section where you can store your memories for free. You can create photo-albums and then post them in your profile. There is so much more to see at

Kindly do visit our website to know more about online dating. We promise you, you will never be bored again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MySpace banning links?!

Have you seen the following message when trying to click on a link in someone's profile. I think it is such a bullshit, but obviously there is nothing we webmasters can do. For example, I had a legit question from a member on my web site free online dating, asking me why a widget she placed on her MySpace profile does not work. Well, to test it, I clicked on it and got the following message:
The link you are trying to visit has been disabled.

You have reached a link that is no longer in service. That means the link was very naughty, and, much like head lice, had to be eliminated before it spread.

You may be asking yourself, 'Hey, what was it about that link that got it in trouble?' An excellent question! Usually, it's one of the following reasons:

- The link was spam! No one likes spammers, and we don't like their links.

- You almost got phished! There are people out there who want to steal your MySpace password. They want to log in as you and send spam, harass your friends, change your profile, and generally run amok. Phishing pages are usually designed to look like MySpace to trick you. Other sites may also ask for your MySpace login information to customize your profile, insert videos or slide shows, track visitors, or any number of other things.Don't make it easy for them. ONLY USE YOUR MYSPACE LOGIN INFO ON WWW.MYSPACE.COM!!

- Viruses are not fun! Neither is adware, spyware, or malware. We cut the links to places that are known sources of infection.

If you really did want to check out some spam, viruses, or phishing pages, we're really sorry to have interrupted. We're sure you can find it elsewhere. There's plenty on the Internet

What a crap!!! They are not identifying me as a spammer, scammer, or whatever they want to call it. They are pointing the finger basically at everyone! I wonder if any link on MySpace actually works

Monday, October 27, 2008

Click fraud still ticking off advertisers

A Click Forensics quarterly report estimates click fraud to be about 16 percent of all clicks, industry-wide. Though this represents a drop from 16.2 percent in the second quarter, it remains a problem for online advertisers and search engines, according to

Click Forensics, a click-service-detection service, found that the use of botnets to spread click fraud continues to gain speed, as it accounts for almost 28 percent of cases of click fraud, as compared to 25.2 percent in the second quarter.

A botnet is a network of computers that hackers use to send spam and commit click fraud. According to Tom Cuthbert, president of Click Forensics, botnets pose a serious problem because they create click fraud traffic that is "very difficult to catch and identify because it's coming from individual machines."

Compared to the overall click fraud rate of 16 percent, the average rate on networks that advertise on search engines like Google, Yahoo and others, was higher at 27.1 percent

Friday, October 3, 2008

Free Online Dating Sites

I am pretty sure that there are many people, who are aware of the concept of online dating, but hardly pay visit to the online dating sites. I have many friends who are actually active on free online dating and a few of them have already met their boyfriends or girlfriends on a free online dating site. I have adequate idea about how these dating sites work. And that’s the reason I am sure that they are cool and, of course, risk free zone to meet people. People come across other members and start conversation who they find interesting. You progress with your own pace and select your partner carefully. For instance, you won’t have the experience of a bar where 90% are drunk and asking you to fix a drink.

Personally, I feel that there is nothing you should worry about while on a free online dating site. For instance, no one is there to watch even if you are turned down by someone and you don’t need to feel embarrassed. When you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you will surely feel lonely and restless. These are rough periods in your life. But you can’t go on with the same. At last you have decided to bring a change in your life and have someone in your life to date with. I think there is barely any harm in getting registered in a free online dating site. Life is full of surprises and who knows what surprises are waiting for me in these dating sites. Chances are high that I am going to get someone worth dating and that is for the rest of my life. If nothing comes out, at least I will have a good learning experience.

Tonight I am going on a new expedition and logging onto a free online dating site. I remember the name, my friends had told me. I am sure it is a good site with better provisions. Better I should try my luck there without wasting time.

Hey guys, can you share your interesting experience as a first time user on a free online dating site