Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MySpace banning links?!

Have you seen the following message when trying to click on a link in someone's profile. I think it is such a bullshit, but obviously there is nothing we webmasters can do. For example, I had a legit question from a member on my web site www.SoZila.com free online dating, asking me why a widget she placed on her MySpace profile does not work. Well, to test it, I clicked on it and got the following message:
The link you are trying to visit has been disabled.

You have reached a link that is no longer in service. That means the link was very naughty, and, much like head lice, had to be eliminated before it spread.

You may be asking yourself, 'Hey, what was it about that link that got it in trouble?' An excellent question! Usually, it's one of the following reasons:

- The link was spam! No one likes spammers, and we don't like their links.

- You almost got phished! There are people out there who want to steal your MySpace password. They want to log in as you and send spam, harass your friends, change your profile, and generally run amok. Phishing pages are usually designed to look like MySpace to trick you. Other sites may also ask for your MySpace login information to customize your profile, insert videos or slide shows, track visitors, or any number of other things.Don't make it easy for them. ONLY USE YOUR MYSPACE LOGIN INFO ON WWW.MYSPACE.COM!!

- Viruses are not fun! Neither is adware, spyware, or malware. We cut the links to places that are known sources of infection.

If you really did want to check out some spam, viruses, or phishing pages, we're really sorry to have interrupted. We're sure you can find it elsewhere. There's plenty on the Internet

What a crap!!! They are not identifying me as a spammer, scammer, or whatever they want to call it. They are pointing the finger basically at everyone! I wonder if any link on MySpace actually works

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