Monday, August 30, 2010

Online Dating Matches Don't Come As Advertised

Online dating facts picture
People are way harsher online than they are in real life. The sexes have one thing in common -- they both lie. 24% of men and 13% of women lie about their age. Men are on average 2 inches shorter than they say in their profiles, while women are an inch shorter. About 50% of daters fib about their weight. Almost everyone exaggerates their income by 20%

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stripping ChatRoulette Girl Turns Into a Demon

Watch all these guys, looking idiotic at the sight of this pretty girl stripping for them, until she turns into she-devil. This is kinda of scary.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trafford Council Pays For Dating For Those In Its Care

Trafford council
BBC.CO.UK - Aug 16 - A Greater Manchester council has admitted people in its
social service care are allowed to buy internet dating subscriptions out of public funds. It comes after a Sunday Telegraph investigation found money from other UK councils was being used to hire sex workers for people in social care. Trafford Council said the personal budgets were usually used to pay for care assistants or to buy equipment. Dating website subscriptions would also be an acceptable expense, it said. Thousands of people in the UK use personal health budgets to buy services with cash allocated to them by local authorities. 9RD2QXQXAUX9

Dating Site Marks 10 Years With Ad Campaign

Eharmony-articleInline NY TIMES - Aug 15 - eHarmony turns 10 on Monday, and it is celebrating
the anniversary with an advertising campaign called “Love Begins Here.”
The campaign features couples who met on the site and a message that
singles can still find meaningful relationships. Nearly 100 people,
mostly couples, participated in the eight-day shoot in Los Angeles. The
participants were not paid to appear in the spots. The new campaign is a
change in the creative direction of eHarmony. Instead of having couples
talk about how they met or why they like the service, eHarmony chose to
let music and images tell their stories. The company plans to spend $25
- $30M in online and offline advertising for the campaign through the
rest of the year. Read the full article in the NYT >>

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Because Asking A Girl To Marry You In A Photo Booth Is Way More Romantic Than In Front Of Your Computer [Photobooth]

Here's a picture of a guy proposing to his girlfriend in a photo-booth. It makes us bubble inside and we never bubble inside. Just look at her, she goes from a simple smile to pure elated joy in under 4 pictures.

A MacBook wouldn't have captured the same charm.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dating Sites Boom In Sweden

Swedish flag
SWEDISH WIRE - Aug 9 - Outside the US and the UK, the Nordic countries
are the strongest markets for online dating, according to Johan Siwers,
managing director for New competitors seem to be popping up
every day. More than three million Swedes have tried net dating, making
up a third of the total population of nine million. FULL ARTICLE @ SWEDISH WIRE

Try your luck at Personals

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$100,000 Matchmaker

TIME - Aug 2 - In this economy, it seems unthinkable that people would pay up to
six figures just to find a mate. And yet expensive matchmakers are
reporting that business is up these days. Janis Spindel, who charges clients between $50,000 and $500,000 a year to find the 'woman of their dreams,' says membership jumped 41% in 2009 from the year before and is up 46% so far this year. Premier Match, a New York City–based agency where annual membership costs a min of $5,500, logged $1.5M in sales last year, a 30% increase from the previous year. Matchmaking agencies advertise different strengths to attract high-end clients. Barbie Adler, CEO of Selective Search, worked in executive recruitment before she started her agency in Chicago 10 years
ago. 'My experience has been crucial to looking beyond a résumé to make a good match,' she says. Indeed, clients are willing to part with a minimum of $15,000 for Adler to work with them. Other firms take a scientific approach. The British firm Seventy Thirty, which charges its clients a min of $15,000, has a team made up exclusively of psychologists.,8599,2007394,00.html?xid=rss-topstories The First Location Based Dating Service For The Android

Skout logo PR WEB - Aug 2 - has just revealed their location based
dating service is now available to those on the Android platform.
Though SKOUT already boasts more than 1M members, this new partnership
opens up the floodgates to over 8M new potential users. Skout operates
like a GPS for singles by connecting like-minded members to each other based on proximity, giving them the opportunity to flirt and meet up in real time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Porn Industry Aroused by FaceTime Possibilities

You will not be surprised that the porn industry is all over the iPhone 4 -- and the latest business opportunity is, almost inevitably, FaceTime. With the recent jailbreak, which will allow you to install My3G and use FaceTime over 3G networks, this would be a definite plus.

Chelsea Clinton And Marc Mezvinsky Are Bad Match, Says Dating Site

Chelsea clinton marc mezvinsky
ABC NEWS - Jul 30 - Chelsea Clinton will tie the knot with investment
banker Marc Mezvinsky. But will it be a match made in heaven? No, says
the new social networking and niche dating site for singles,
CanDoBetter. Chelsea and Marc are the featured couple this week, and so
far about 6,000 viewers have rated them as incompatible. Only 16%said
they were a perfect match, while 47% thought she could do better and
38% said he should ditch her for a better match. The site is now free,
but soon members will be able to pay a 'minimal' fee and upload photos
of themselves and their partners and get responses from other
members. 'It's a wonderful idea, I love it,' said Mark Brooks, an
online dating analyst for Courtland Brooks. 'From the business perspective, it's brilliant,' he
said. 'You get people talking which is hard to do [these days] with Internet dating. They looked at Hot or Not and have gone one better? I can guarantee it will be knocked off quickly.'
 But Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine, said CanDoBetter's contest is a distorted measurement of
attractiveness.' Attractiveness is not just based on physical looks, but also on personality,' he said. 'In essence, is not a true measure of total attractiveness.'

Meetic's Results For the First Half Of 2010

Meetic's Results For the First Half Of 2010: "

Meetic logoPRESS RELEASE - July 28 - Meetic, the European leader in online dating,
has announces its consolidated half-year results for the six months to
30th June 2010. Revenue for the first half of 2010 totalled €91.4M, up
+36.3% on the same period of 2009. Subscription sales totalled
€92.3M. Revenue for the Q2 2010 totalled €48.0M, up +35.2% on the same
quarter of 2009 and up +10.5% on the first quarter of 2010. This
growth is the result of the major advertising campaigns broadcast over
the period, notably towards the end of the first quarter, and the
completion of the migration of the sites onto the Group’s
European platform in April 2010. Subscriber numbers: 858,008 at 30th
June 2010 versus 829,258 at 31st March 2010, i.e. a net increase of
28,750 subscribers.

See all posts on Meetic


Visa Launches Rightcliq, An Online Shopping Assistant With A Social Twist

Like a good number of startups, payments technology giant Visa too wants to make shopping on the Web more socially interactive, visually appealing and easy to manage.

Today, the company is formally introducing a free Web-based tool dubbed Rightcliq, which it markets as a social e-commerce service.

Essentially, Rightcliq is a browser add-on aimed to enhance and speed up your online shopping experience, by letting you auto-fill personal address and payment card information stored on its servers on merchant checkout forms.

Users can also bundle goods they want to buy online in their personal ‘Wishspace’ – a sort of (nifty) visual wishlist – where one can manage items of interest but also monitor and track history and delivery of purchases.

In addition, the tool lets people involve friends and relatives in their purchasing decisions via email or Facebook, and access special offers from select online merchants like 1-800 flowers and Barnes & Noble directly. All in all, a pretty decent offering.

Worth noting: the launch of Rightcliq comes shortly after Visa completed its $2 billion acquisition of online fraud prevention and payment gateway provider CyberSource, whose global client base includes 300,000 e-retailers.

You can ‘enroll’ here, provided you don’t use an ancient, out-of-date browser like I do (Google Chrome, facepalm).

In all seriousness, I think this is something I could really use, so looking forward to Chrome support and a compatible extension. If I like it, you’ll hear more about it.