Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dating Site Marks 10 Years With Ad Campaign

Eharmony-articleInline NY TIMES - Aug 15 - eHarmony turns 10 on Monday, and it is celebrating
the anniversary with an advertising campaign called “Love Begins Here.”
The campaign features couples who met on the site and a message that
singles can still find meaningful relationships. Nearly 100 people,
mostly couples, participated in the eight-day shoot in Los Angeles. The
participants were not paid to appear in the spots. The new campaign is a
change in the creative direction of eHarmony. Instead of having couples
talk about how they met or why they like the service, eHarmony chose to
let music and images tell their stories. The company plans to spend $25
- $30M in online and offline advertising for the campaign through the
rest of the year. Read the full article in the NYT >>

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