Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Women do like politeness...

Women do like to be treated like humans, you know?!

So you guys out there, doing the online dating 'thing', please be careful how you approach a girl or a woman you have seen online and would like to express you interest in.

The graph below shows what are the worst and best approaches you can use in your first email to a woman or a girl you have met online and make a notable first impression.

As you can see, addressing a girl or a woman with sexy, cutie or any such will probably not get you a reply. However, if you use awesome, it's nice that, or fascinating, chances are that you will get an answer. Get her engaged in the conversation and you may be talking all night long on a candle light, sipping glasses of wine.

How do I tell the one I love that I have an incurable STD after months of dating?

I recently read in a forum somewhere that a female member was asking the following question:

How do I tell the one I love that I have an incurable STD after months of dating?

Well here is what we suggest:

Tell him the way you told your other partners, if you had any other ones. It is something that takes great courage, because STDs are extremely stigmatized. However, it truly is the right thing to do. Yes, you might scare him away and he may get mad. He would probably be pretty justified in doing so -- STDs are not the sort of thing you withhold from your sexual partners, not at least until you are "serious". If you love him, you have to do it and let him make the choice whether or not to stay with you. Think about it from his perspective -- the longer you take, the more it hurts him when you finally reveal it. Would you want someone to wait that long to tell you, after you'd already had unprotected sex with them? No matter where the outbreaks were localized?

Google Adwords was down today

A random visit to my Google Adwords account revealed that the service was down for a short period of time. I am not sure if they were doing any maintenance or were experiencing problems. Adwords is the platform we use to advertise our online dating service www.SoZila.com