Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Unusual Workplace Romance

Not unusual, but very comon

Cathy has a strange problem in her office. Strange is actually not the correct word here. Peculiar would be more like it, and she doesn't know how to tackle it or solve it. Her colleague is smitten by her. That should not lead you to conclude that he's coming in her way. Rather, far from it. He never comes across and talks about his love, neither does he drop hints. He just looks in his quiet way but this silent admiration is proving to be more effective in making an impression on Cathy. The fact that he does not express his love explicitly and maintains strict professional behavior amazes Cathy. She's surprised that a man can be so silent despite appearing to be so hopelessly in love.

This is not a typical workplace romance friends. I'm not sure of the complexities myself. This colleague of hers is making his moves very carefully. He knows Cathy is a no-nonsense woman and the moment he makes a wrong move, he'll be snubbed. So he's not making any move at all. He's just letting her understand he likes her and is in no hurry to reach anywhere. He meets Cathy everyday due to professional commitments. Even here he's playing a masterstroke. He's not being extra nice to her, nor is he being nasty. He's being normal. And that is something that he needs credit for. I can never see myself being composed if I loved a girl and she was around me!

Adrian is very upset about all this. He doesn't know what to do. He somehow feels that Cathy's colleague is a potential threat. He was sure of the fact that Cathy would deal with any inappropriate advances, but he did not take into account a dignified, restrained appeal to Cathy's softer emotions. The colleague has now put Adrian at a loss. He asked me if I can suggest something. I heard him out, but I have nothing to say. This is indeed complicated. If Adrian did anything brash, it would be the best way to drive Cathy straight into this guy's arms. And you cannot expect Adrian to keep quiet while Cathy is being royally wooed by her colleague. Help!

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