Monday, August 2, 2010

Chelsea Clinton And Marc Mezvinsky Are Bad Match, Says Dating Site

Chelsea clinton marc mezvinsky
ABC NEWS - Jul 30 - Chelsea Clinton will tie the knot with investment
banker Marc Mezvinsky. But will it be a match made in heaven? No, says
the new social networking and niche dating site for singles,
CanDoBetter. Chelsea and Marc are the featured couple this week, and so
far about 6,000 viewers have rated them as incompatible. Only 16%said
they were a perfect match, while 47% thought she could do better and
38% said he should ditch her for a better match. The site is now free,
but soon members will be able to pay a 'minimal' fee and upload photos
of themselves and their partners and get responses from other
members. 'It's a wonderful idea, I love it,' said Mark Brooks, an
online dating analyst for Courtland Brooks. 'From the business perspective, it's brilliant,' he
said. 'You get people talking which is hard to do [these days] with Internet dating. They looked at Hot or Not and have gone one better? I can guarantee it will be knocked off quickly.'
 But Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine, said CanDoBetter's contest is a distorted measurement of
attractiveness.' Attractiveness is not just based on physical looks, but also on personality,' he said. 'In essence, is not a true measure of total attractiveness.'

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