Thursday, February 10, 2011

CrunchGear’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Girls


With Valentine's Day fast approaching it's time to start thinking about the dreaded gift for the gal in your life. Even if you think Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday designed to rake in millions of dollars in cash – it is – so you better get used to it because your lady friend still expects a gift.

You could get her flowers, candy, or maybe a fondue set, but let's be honest; your more interesting and intelligent girl doesn't really want any of that. She just wants something sweet, because it's the thought that counts, right? Scratch that, she wants something cool she can show off to her friends. With all the techy toys that 2011 brought, you guys should have no problem finding something your geek girl will love.

Incidentally, we're holding a contest for one lucky lad, so pop over here to enter.

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