Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apple’s Friend Bar: A Place Where Fanboys Can Talk At People All Day Long [Humor]

The Onion has done it again. The satirical news outlet is generally great at parodying a wide range of topics — but they always seem to be especially good at parodying Apple topics. The latest victim? Apple’s Genius Bars. According to The Onion, Apple will soon unveil an extension of this idea called “Friend Bars” which Apple users can visit to find someone to “talk at” about their newest mundane Apple thoughts.

What makes this video even funnier is that an idea like this really doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. I mean, there is already a dating site for Apple users that is growing quite nicely.

Watch the full video below. The best part may be towards the end when an Apple fan gets on the phone with a Friend Bar call center employee. “Oh, yes!”

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