Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Option: Roses

We have added a new option to the site. Now you can give out a rose to a member from the site, who you think deserves it most.

Each user gets 2 roses when they register on the site and create a Profile. As a Member, you can then send these 2 roses to anyone you want when composing or replying to a message. Simply make sure you mark the check box. If you send rose A today, then in 30 days you can send another rose. If you send 2 roses today you will be able to send another 2 roses in 30 days from now. You can never have more then 2 roses at any time. Roses are rare so use them wisely! In every message you compose, you can track how many roses you have left.

Have fun with the option and use it wisely!

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