Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is mingle2 a legit service?

Just the other day, I decided to do a search on a keyword phrase and see where free online dating site shows up. To my surprise, I found that mingle2 has knocked out okcupid out of the first place on 'free online dating'.

I am still puzzled as to how does Google search works and what makes mingle2 better than okcupid?! They both require from you to register before you can browse. They both still ask a lot of questions, before you can be a fully functional member, and they both don't have much of a description on their home page. So what makes people register, without first sampling? Is it possible that mingle2 has a bunch of fake profiles? Guess what! ...chances are that they do. I am attaching a print screen from their home page, where they are showing random females and random males. To my surprise, one of their members appears 3 times. Not 2, but 3...

With that said, I will let you draw your own conclusions as to their legitimacy. I still think that my site SoZila.com free dating personals is a lot better than any other site out there.


  1. I noticed the exact same thing. Having started a free online dating site myself recently (www.myfairytaleending.com), I've been trying to figure out how Mingle2 has outranked much older and popular sites...

  2. Companies can pay google to get higher on their hit list its in their terms of service.