Friday, June 6, 2008

Yahoo Dorectory Has NO Page Rank

Just a few weeks ago, people started noticing that the Yahoo Directory lost Google PageRank. Well, not the home page of the Yahoo Directory, but the inside directory listing pages. The pages that link to your site and, in the past, past PageRank and link juice.

I have browsed through the pages, even the pages closest to the top of the directory are showing nothing in terms of Google PageRank. For example, the arts section or the
But that doesn't completely jive with me. I know I have personally linked to many of the non-redirected linked versions of the directory pages. Some of those pages should have PageRank, no? I am also a paying member on the directory, so could that be a reason why it was shut down?! Maybe Google started seeing Yahoo directory as paid links. But this is not just Yahoo who is experiencing this, other paid and non paid directories losing PageRank. Is ODP next?

So is the Yahoo Directory still passing value? I assume many would say yes. What is up with the zero PageRank score for all the internal pages? I don't think I will be renewing my membership there next year

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