Wednesday, June 18, 2008

eHarmony is a SCAM

Based on what I have heard so far, eHarmony is a big SCAM! Numerous complaints have been filed, yet they continue advertising on TV and luring people into their 'net'.

Here are some of the complaints we have found:

'I joined E-Harmony and have met one or two really nice people so I don't totally hate the site...but I have now learned to be very careful. Ladies, beware of Green Cowser. I don't have proof he's a scammer but there were so many red flags: widower, international job, by the second or third email his spelling and grammar had totally disintegrated, signed up as from Illinois but couldn't altogether explain why he was now living in Ireland. The last was particularly funny in light of the fact he regularly told me he loved "honesty to the core" and I must always tell the truth with him... Then, the kicker, he said I was his ideal woman after only a couple emails...(on what continent does THAT really happen). I went searching on the net...didn't find his name but hmmmm...there was a Green Scott listed on a scammer's website with his same phone number in the same city...and this guy too signed off by saying "Cheers" or "regards" all the time. You'd think they'd kinda learn to vary small details like that.'

'I was sent a match named CHARLES RYDER from Tucson. When he began communicating, his name came up as CHARLES SHULTHEIS. He is using a stolen identity! He is actually in Nigeria and after saying all the "right" things, he will ask you for money to fly home since he can't cash his check from an American Bank. According to the man whose identity he has stolen, at least 30 women have called him to check the identity. This man is very smooth and has an answer for everything.Beware!'

Read more of them here:

It's a FRAUD!!! Here are some of the common things that happen:

  1. They WILL renew your subscription without your authorization, so read the terms carefully!
  2. They will try to lure you in by sending you matches after you have cancelled. DO NOT FALL for the 7 Day trial period, because they will not refund your money. Their reason being that they only refund on the first time you subscribe.
A total SCAM! What a total deception this company is running their business on! So, be careful, chose a free dating site, that never asks for your money. Anyhow, finding the love of your life, SHOULD BE FREE!

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  1. I would like to comment that Eharmony is a SCAM...I do not like their "lecture" attitude if you put down you are seperated or divorced...their bullsh*t "Did you know that people do not work it out because they do not care" is a f-ing JOKE...yeah, stay with the abusive prick of a spouse...their holier than thou attitude makes me want to hurl......

    They are racist Homphobic right wing turds who thinks it's better to let your spouse beat the crap out of you then get a divorce or a is that isolation that makes so many abused spouses afraid to leave.....

    I heard Kharma is a b*tch and their right wing christian garbage is an example of what true hypocrisy is....