Friday, January 4, 2013

This Genius Used OkCupid To Get a "Date" With the Scumbag That Stole His iPhone

Click here to read This Genius Used OkCupid To Get a "Date" With the Scumbag That Stole His PhoneWhat do you do when your iPhone is stolen? Cry? Get a new one? Scream at the sky? How about tracking down the thief by luring him to a sexy date over OkCupid and then threatening him with a hammer so he gives it back? That last one worked out pretty well for Nadav Nirenberg.

On New Years Eve, Nirenberg (trombonist for awesome-tastic ska band Streetlight Manifesto, I might add) lost his iPhone 4 in a cab. The very next day, he woke up to email alerts that the thief had been using the phone to message hotties on OkCupid, and sprang into action. Creating a fake profile for a non-existent "Jennifer in BK," paired with an image of a busty babe culled from Google, he messaged the thief with a proposition, and suggested the pair meet up "Jennifer's" apartment. "I used lots of winks and smiley faces so I would seem like a girl," Nirenberg told the New York Post.
And when the thief arrived with a bottle of wine, Nirenberg showed up to the door not wearing something skimpy, but rather brandishing a hammer. The thief sheepishly returned the phone, and Nirenberg even gave him $20 for his trouble before he ran off. And for the cherry on top, Nirenberg told the Post, "As he was walking away, I said, ‘You smell great, though,'." How's that for a date with destiny? [The New York Post via Geekosystem]

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