Wednesday, January 14, 2009 and the unfair practices

So, I signed up for about a week ago, just to see what is all the fuzz about. Design is great and I won't deny it. The site is simple and easy to navigate. Being that this is a spawn of, I am assuming there is a lot of financing behind it. By the way, seems like is dropping their paid subscription and trying their luck in the free dating field. Their photo uploader is amazing. I have never seen a flash one before. Thought they can only be done in Java. So far I have reported all the positive things, but it is about time for me to tell you about the drawbacks.

This morning I received an email that nalisha has sent me a message. Good enough! I logged i, read the email, and sure enough she turns out to be a scammer. Being a good Samaritan, I reported it to the good folks at downtoearth. To my surprise, I had another two emails in my box (I was never notified about these). They were also scammers. Zapped and reported! Then, I visited my free dating profile section. They have this section called 'My Little black book', that shows profiles I have flirted with and profiles that have flirted with me. Well guess what? There were 3 ladies that 'I HAD' flirted with, but I wasn't aware of ;-) I know I did not, so why are they there. Did they get a message that I flirted with them? If they did, then I think it isn't fare to get your customers coming back to the site by feeding them false information.

I am sure other things will come up and I will be more than happy to report them, but until then, keep warm and think positive.

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