Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook Sues FriendFinder, Peeved Over FacebookOfSex.com

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Facebookofsex.com logo PAID CONTENT - Apr 18 - Facebook has filed a few different trademark lawsuits against sites it doesn't approve of, like Teachbook and humor site Lamebook. But now a much bigger company is messing with Facebook's name: adult social networking company FriendFinder Networks, which has launched FacebookOfSex.com. It's hard to believe that FriendFinder thinks they're going to get away with operating a website by this name. Facebook is asking to have a bunch of domain names canceled or transfered to its control, including international variants and misspellings, such as: facebookofsex.co.uk, facebooksex.de, facebokofsex.us, fbookofsex.com, facebookfosex.com, facebookofsexysingles.com, facebook-of-sex.com, and many others. It's also asking for $100,000 in damages for each of those domains, and additional unspecified punitive damages.

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